Culinary Walk combo

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The Culinary Walk is gradually becoming a household name in Mechelen. In the summer of 2001, we were the very first to introduce this special concept to our city. These walks immediately appealed to a broad and loyal public.

Good food, dedicated guides with knowledge and the necessary humour, original locations, with just that little bit more… These were then, and still are today, the main ingredients of our walks.

Thanks to our years of experience and sense of perfection, we guarantee quality and flawless organisation. We organise walks on weekdays and weekends, in all seasons, for individuals as well as for companies.

Our recipe

A culinary walk is an afternoon or evening activity. Accompanied by an expert guide, the participants walk from dish to dish, from the aperitif to the starter, via the main course to the dessert location. Along the way, we serve up fascinating stories and pithy anecdotes about buildings, streets and squares. Stops are made in restaurants, but often also in historic homes and other hidden gems in the city. This way, the group discovers the beauty of Mechelen in an original way. During the culinary stops, there is enough time for relaxing conversations between the participants.