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Hof van Busleyden Hof van Busleyden - bootjes in Mechelen Hof van Busleyden - bootjes in Mechelen Hof van Busleyden - bootjes in Mechelen

Step inside the Hof van Busleyden and relive the Burgundian Netherlands. This stately city palace was the home of judge and humanist Hiëronymus van Busleyden. Here he received friends like Thomas More and Erasmus. They exchanged views and philosophised. Exotic objects from faraway lands and other artistic collections were cherished and studied.

Today the museum is taking up this role again. Immerse yourself in our rich Burgundian heritage and discover how the culture lives on in today’s city. Wander through the rooms of the city palace and marvel at the richly decorated Choir Book of Margaret of Austria and the beautiful Besloten Hofjes. Let yourself be inspired by the past together with the people of Mechelen and partners in residence.

On presentation of your boat tour ticket, you will benefit from the reduced rate at Hof Busleyden (10€ instead of 12€).

And vice versa: on presentation of your Busleyden ticket, you can take the Malinska boat at a group rate (7,00€ instead of 8,00€)