Technopolis combo

Combineer een dagje Mechelen met Technopolis en een bootvaart op de Dijle

Would you like to cycle on a cable five metres above the ground, lift a car, build an igloo, catch an owl on a bed of nails or ground an aeroplane yourself? There is only one place where young and old can do all these things on the same day: Technopolis, the Flemish do-it-yourself centre for science and technology. Through more than 350 interactive exhibits, shows, demonstrations and workshops, you will discover how science and technology are part of our lives. Doing it yourself and experimenting is the message, because just as in everyday life, there are often multiple solutions to a problem.

So don’t count on all the answers being presented to you on a tray. Or did you already have the answer to the question of whether men are better at extinguishing fires and girls at multitasking?

Via the RFID bracelet that you receive at the reception desk, the results of all your experiments are placed on a personal web page. In this way you can analyse your results yourself and share them with your friends.

So think again before you label science and technology as boring!

And because our boats also like to show the other, separate side of Mechelen, the two seem to be made for each other.

In Technopolis you can buy a group ticket that also entitles you to a boat trip on the Dijle with Rederij Malinska.